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  Service Providers Projects

» VMS Provisioning System

The VMS Provisioning platform, VPS, is capable of provisioning VMS mailbox service into various voicemail platforms, within a telecommunications service provider's network.

Running on Windows platform, VPS is designed to perform functionalities such as create, edit, and delete voicemail subscriber profiles in service providers' voicemail systems, supporting both adhoc and batch mode provisioning features.

» Enhanced Application System

Enhanced Applications Server (EAS) is a service creation development tool to seemlessly create new and revenue generating value added voice services to increase airtime usage within telecom Service Providers' networks. Here are some services that can be developed on EAS platform:

- VoiceMail Greeting Center
- Song Dedications
- Voice SMS
- Bill Inquiry
- ..and etc

» HLR-Client

HLRClient is a frontend user interface used to query and manage mobile subscribers' profiles in service providers' HLR systems.

It has the main capability of translating HLR systems' proprietary messages or information into layman language that is easily understood by customer support personnel. The target users are:

- Customer Service Contact Center
- Database Management Team
- .. and etc

» Credit Notification System

Credit Notification Server (CNS) provides the capability of notifying subscribers of their outstanding bills via a voice call, or SMS, or both.

With CNS implementation, service providers will be able to automate 1st level gentle reminder process without human intervention.

CNS is equipped with configurable outcall time windows that decide when NOT to initiate notification outcall or SMS, as sending notification at odd hours will frustrate your customers.

» VMS Notification System

VMS Notification System (VNS) is an application gateway that polls and delivers VMS message waiting alerts to mobile subscribers via SMS.

VNS has a superior tracked record in delivering high SMS notification throughput in our customerbase, via a direct integration to the SMSC platform.

Other features of VNS include:
- Detail Reporting
- Remote Client
- System Alarming
- Self Recovery
- .. and etc

Enterprise Projects

» Airtime Reload System

Airtime Reload System (ARS) lets you enjoy tremendous freedom of running your airtime topup business whenever and wherever you need.

ARS System offers fast and convenient features to you and your team in recharging prepaid mobiles for your customers, simply by using your mobile phone.

Main Features
- TopUp via SMS, and Web;
- Detailed Web Reports;
- Multi Levels Incentives;
- Automated/Manual Rebate;
- Credit Transfer via SMS/Web;
- Distributors/Dealers Management;
- SMS Announcements/Promotions;
- Modular & Scalable Platform.

» SDS Gateway

SDS, or Short Data Service, is a relatively new data communication method in digital trunk radio network. Our SDS Gateway solution enables digital trunk radio operators and/or organizations to create business automations and processes.

The system serves as a frontend interface to field operations, while providing a centrally managed environment for controlling and monitoring of critical services.

Various applications can be created with our SDS Gateway, for examples:
- Job Dispatcher
- Automated Vehicle Location Service
- Fault Alert and Notification
- Crisis Management
- SDS-SMS-Email Interoperatability
- ..and etc

» Wireless Electronics Display Board

Wireless Electronics Display Board (EDB) is a dynamic LED board allows information such as news, promotion messages, event schedule, sports results, and etc. to be updated via SMS, and displayed with viewing distance that's unmatched by any TV or computer monitor.

Completing as a turnkey solution, we also provide a centralized EDB management software that helps you manage all your content feed wirelessly, and most importantly, on realtime basis.

The centralized EDB software is also capable of monitoring multiple or all EDBs under your care.

» Vehicle Communicator

Vehicle Communicator, or VComm, is an in-vehicle device which supports data communication with operation center. Business processes can now be automated, and enhanced with detailed transaction records.

VComm is also incorporated with GPS, which allows location monitoring. Remote configuration is another powerful feature in daily operations and maintainance

VComm comes with a set of standard and powerful features, such as:
- GPS for AVL Service
- Panic/Emergency Button
- Instruction/Job Printer
- Sender ID Authentication
- Vehicle Immobilizer
- .. and etc.

» Call Center AgentWatch

Most contact centers are equipped with call waiting wall board. This setup had been difficult for most CS consultants in the contact center as the viewing angle is limited.

To overcome this limitation, AgentWatch brings this information right on the desktops of customer service consultants. Additionally, AgentWatch provides the CS consultant's individual performance report as well.

Also, AgentWatch computes and presents group's average performance report to respective CS consultants. CS consultants will then be able to compare the group against individual performance, and act accordingly, such as speeding up calls an etc.

Customized Biometric Projects

» Canteen Subsidy Management System

The Canteen Subsidy Management System (CMS) was implemented with main objective to help our client to manage staffs' daily subsidy in the factory's canteen.

Main Features
- Robust biometric identification and authentication technology;
- Eliminate/reduce subsidy leakages;
- Eliminate/reduce overhead costs;
- Web administration and management reports.

More information here.

» Human Entrance Barrier Gate

The human entrance barrier gate was implemented in our client's factory to provide a 2-layers security authentication when accessing the factory premise.

Main highlights:
- 2-layers Identification and Authentication Access Control;
- Integration of proximity card and biometric technology.

More information here.


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