Value-Added-Services (VAS) generating airtime usage.


Ability to handle high traffic by the mass market base.


24x7 technical support is a crucial element in mass market services.

VoiceMail Provisioning System

The VMS Provisioning platform, VPS, is capable of provisioning VMS mailbox service into various voicemail platforms, within a telecommunications service provider's network.

Enhanced Application Server

Enhanced Applications Server (EAS) is a service creation development tool to seemlessly create revenue generating value added voice services to increase airtime usage in Service Providers' networks. Services that had been deployed are VoiceMail Greeting Center, Song Dedications, Voice SMS, & bill inquiry.

Credit Notification System

Credit Notification Server (CNS) provides the capability of notifying subscribers of their outstanding bills via a voice call, or SMS, or both. With CNS implementation, service providers will be able to automate 1st level gentle reminder process without human intervention.

VoiceMail Notification System

VMS Notification System (VNS) is an application gateway that polls and delivers VMS message waiting alerts to mobile subscribers via SMS. VNS has a superior tracked record in delivering high SMS notification throughput in our customer base, via a direct integration to the SMSC platform.

HLR Client System

HLR-Client is a frontend user interface for customer service team to query and manage mobile subscribers' profiles in service providers' HLR systems. It has the main capability of translating HLR systems' proprietary messages or information into layman language that is easily understood by customer support personnel.