Modular architecture, able to start small, expandable and scalable.


Ability to customize to fulfill clients' unique requirements.


All products are in-house developed. Hence, ability to provide rapid solution. is an ACaaS, which stands for Access Control As A Service. This is a cloud-based access control solution that allows users to manage and control access to physical spaces remotely via the Internet.

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Cloud CMS

Cloud based Canteen Management System helps you manage & control meal subsidy, with option to setup cashless canteen operations.

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Cloud SMS

Most cost effective media to communicate your marketing messages into your large client base.

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Corporate SMS Server

Setup 2-ways SMS communications with your clients, send periodic product updates, automated birthday greetings, and etc.

STG SMS Engine

Integrate STG SMS engine to SMS-able your ERP, CRM, and/or any other business software.

eTAACS Time Attendance System

eTAACS software and face recognition technology offers a comprehensive time attendance solution.