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  Biometrics Weaknesses

 Type  Sensor Weaknesses  Accuracy  Cost
 Palm Vein  Contactless Sensitive to direct rays of the sun and other strong lightings.  Very High  Low
 Iris  Contactless Affected by size of eyes, and reflection of eyeglasses.  Very High  High
 Fingerprint  Contact Affected by nature skin, eg: too dry/wet of skin, abrasion, dirt on sensor surface, etc.  High  Low
 Contact Affected by shape of hand, eg: one gets skinner or fatter over a period of time.  Low  High
 Facial  Contactless Sensitive to lighting/posture, cannot recognize with eyeglasses, long hair, cosmetics, twins, etc.  Low  Low

The Warwick PalmReader is effectively the more suitable and reliable option among the various biometric technologies that are available in the current market.

One should make more research, observation, and to some extent, live tests, when choosing among a contact-based vs a contactless-based technology for a biometric implementation. More info for considerations can be found here.


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