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  Canteen Subsidy Management System

The Canteen Subsidy Management System (CMS) was implemented with main objective to help our client to manage staffs' daily subsidy in the factory's canteen.

In the initial stage, our client had started the subsidy program by distributing physical print of subsidy vouchers, while at the same time, exploring various other technology options such as using the existing staff card system, or to deploy a new fingerprint biometric system.

From the experience of managing more than 1,000 staff, our client acknowledged that each option has its own set of weaknesses and limitations, which translate into high costs in overhead and/or potential subsidy leakages such as:
 » Excessive paper and printing costs of physical vouchers;
 » Excessive man power to prepare physical vouchers;
 » On-leave and off-duty staff may pass their vouchers or staff card to others;
 » Staff using multiple vouchers to claim a single meal;
 » From passed experience, fingerprint system does not work for some staff;
 » and etc.

In view of all the above issues, we proposed the Warwick PalmReader with a custom-made software application to support this project. In this system, we have demonstrated the capability to deliver a robust biometric identification system, and coupled with seamless operations by providing administrative functionality and management reports via a standard web browser.

After the implementation of the system, our client has immediately realized a saving of almost RM 10,000 (~USD 3,500) of subsidy claims in the end of the first month, as compared to the previous month when they operated with physical vouchers.

On top of the savings in the monthly subsidy claims, our client has managed to eliminate/reduce other overhead and hidden costs as well, which incurred from using physical subsidy vouchers.


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