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Warwick PalmReader uses the latest biometric technology to scan the user's palm, creating a unique coded reference of the branching pattern of veins. This is by far the best available biometric product today that offers a combinations of highly accuracy in identification, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Unlike the popularly used fingerprint biometric products, Warwick PalmReader employs a contactless method which is hygienic, and a non-invasive technology. Furthermore, it is embedded with an advanced authentification algorithm that produces a high level of accuracy with an impressive FAR (false acceptance rate) of 0.00008%, and FRR (false rejection rate) of 0.01%. It is also important to note that the scanning is unaffected by external factors such as dirt, grease, sweat, or even a cut in the user's palm.

Biometric technolgy does come with their own set of performance and accuracy benchmarks, check the comparison table here; while the limitations of each technology is shown here, esspecially on the commonly deployed fingerprint biometric technology.

Locally in Malaysia, we have deployed the Warwick PalmReader biometric system in various manufacturing plants and food chain nationwide, mainly for:
 » Time Recorder / Time Attendance System - factories and other highly-labor facilities;
 » Access Control / Door Access System - data center, weapons room, & etc.

Check out more detail:
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Having witnessed the realiability and accuracy in biometric identifications, some clients in Malaysia had chosen our Warwick PalmReader biometric system over other fingerprint systems to support their customized requirements. We have implemented Warwick PalmReader in various customized projects, as stated below:
 » Canteen Subsidy Management System
 » Human Entrance Barrier Gate


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